Police crack down on aggressive driving across state

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Last year, municipal police issued more than 45,000 citations for aggressive driving. 

Citations given for failing to stop at red lights and stop signs resulted in more than 2,800 tickets.

While police all across the state are cracking down on aggressive drivers, Spring Township Police are helping to lead efforts in Centre County.  

Tailgating, speeding and failing to stop at red lights or stop signs are just some of the things Spring Township police are looking out for. 

“The intent is to reduce crashes and reduce people being involved in fatal accidents or seriously injured. Or just accidents in general or crashes in general,” Spring Township Police Chief Michael Danneker said.

The aggressive driving initiative has been around for several years and Danneker said he has seen an impact. 

“I’ve seen a decrease in crashes in our jurisdiction over the years because of our traffic contacts,” he said.

Danneker said speeding and distracted driving are probably the two biggest problems they see in Spring Township. 

When they make stops, it helps them identify other violations. 

“Driving under suspension, DUI, suspended drivers license, driving without a license, expired licenses, so things like that. So yeah…the average contact may be nothing or it can lead to some more things,” Danneker said. 

Some residents appreciate the crackdown on aggressive drivers. 

“Anything that can keep the roads safer and keep people safer — I’m all for it,” Centre County resident Laurie Stanley said.

The aggressive driving initiative will continue through August 27. 

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