Police arrest Johnstown man hiding in neighbor’s basement, possible drug lab found

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JOHNSTOWN, Pa. (WTAJ) -Police arrested a man after assisting Cambria County Adult Probation with a child welfare check in the Hornerstown section of the city.

Jeffery Norton was arrested on Tuesday, January 7 just after 1 p.m. in a basement on Pine Street as he attempted to hide from police.

Earlier in the day, adult probation spoke with Ashley Norton who they had a warrant for. They were unsure of what to do with the children in the home when police arrived.

Ashley said that their father, Jeffery was at work and she would have to call another family member. Police reportedly left the scene when a family member arrived.

Shortly after, probation called in for Johnstown Police to return to the duplex after finding drug paraphernalia.

Police arrived back at the home and found needles, cotton, foil, marijuana, pipes, bongs and ended up finding what looked like a mobile meth lab in the corner of the room.

Ashley admitted to police that Jeffery was not at work and he was inside the duplex home. She stated that when Adult Probation was knocking, he tried to hide while she answered the door.

Police report they searched for him and could not find him in the home but noticed a hole that connected both homes of the duplex.

They were able to locate Jeffery Norton in the basement of the duplex attempting to hide after climbing through the hole to escape.

PSP Clandestine responded to the address and charges will be based on their findings.

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