CAMBRIA COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — Someone was caught on camera dumping mattresses and furniture along a Johnstown roadway and the Stonycreek Township Police Department has had enough, taking to social media to find the latest culprit.

The Stonycreek Township police took to their Facebook page armed with photos of the truck in question on March 21, on the 1500 block of Solomon Road in Johnstown. They hope to find the person responsible while warning any potential dumpers.

The department wasn’t holding back after they had numerous signs put up to try to prevent such things from happening.

“We love folks who drop their junk off for us to deal with,” the post started before going on to talk about common sense not being enough so they put up signs to warn potential dumpers against dumping.

“As if common sense was not enough, we put signs up warning potential dumpers against it, we put signs up warning them they are on camera but they clearly do not care.” the Facebook post continued.

Based on the post, it seems the Stonycreek Police and many residents have had enough of people leaving their trash along the side of the road.

If you recognize the truck or have any information you’re asked to reach out to the Stonycreek Township police at 814-266-3112.

If this is you, the department highly suggests you contact them because “it’s about to get really expensive really fast,” they said.

Oh, they wanted you to know these aren’t the only pictures they have of you either.

You can read their full social media post by clicking here to go to their Facebook page.