Police advise residents about current local phone scam

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JOHNSTOWN, Pa. (WTAJ) — Johnstown Police are warning residents of someone running a phone scam locally by claiming they’re the police Captain.

Reportedly, someone calls claiming they are the Captain of the Johnstown Police Department and they have a warrant for your arrest. The person will then demand immediate payment in the form of gift cards, Paypal or possibly another untraceable form.

They may also leave a message telling you to call back as soon as you can.

Police advise everyone to NOT return the call and do NOT give them any money.

Officials remind everyone that police departments and the sheriff’s office will not conduct business that way.

If you get a call and you’re uncertain, you’re asked to hang up and call the non-emergency number to the Johnstown Police to verify that you’re speaking to an actual officer at 814-472-2110.

It’s advised, no matter where you live, to call your local non-emergency number if you suspect the person you’re talking to on the phone isn’t actually a member of law enforcement.

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