Poison ivy–it’s everywhere in PA!

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HOLLIDAYSBURG, BLAIR COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — On a gorgeous day, it’s great to get outdoors and enjoy nature. But not all of nature is all that welcoming, especially poison ivy.

“There’s quite a bit of poison ivy right here and right here. You can even see the younger reddish leaves,” says Environmental Education Specialist Heidi Mullendore.

The best or should we say worst places for poison ivy at Canoe Creek State Park can’t hide from her.

She says to protect yourself from poison ivy, you need to know where it grows, and in Pennsylvania, that’s pretty much everywhere.

Mullendore recommends that you take the old saying, “leaves of three,  let it be.” seriously,  but admits that covers a lot of plants.

She says you also need to know that poison ivy comes in three forms—first, as a shrub, second, as ivy growing up a tree, and third, possibly the hardest to recognize,  knee to hip-high plants that hide in the tall grass.

“Sometimes, the leaves of poison ivy have that smooth edge, sometimes the edge has lobes or fingers on it , so you really need to see it repeatedly in a variety of situations, so you can actually identify it,” Mullendore explains.

She’s often asked why Canoe Creek State Park doesn’t kill poison ivy with spray.
The reason–the plant produces berries which birds rely on for food.

If you do come into contact with poison ivy, within 12 to 24 hours, get all of your clothes in laundry and wash yourself with soap

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