Plans for three-story apartment behind SC Shopping Center

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State College, Pa- Plans have been submitted and reviewed for a new apartment building behind a State College shopping center.

The State College Borough Planning Commision reviewed plans for a three-story apartment building that would be located behind the Hamilton Square Shopping Center.

The apartment building would face Fraser Street, which is across the street from a local neighborhood.

“I’m a little surprised… I didn’t really think there was space to put an apartment building,” said Jill Arriola a local State College resident.

Arriola says while she’s shocked, she understands why plans for apartment buildings are popping up. 

“I’m not surprised that they’re adding more housing, I know that housing is a problem in State College,” Arriola said.

The building will have a total of six apartments. 

Including: four, three-bedroom, three-bath apartments and two, two-bedroom, two bathroom apartments.

Street access to the apartments’ 14-parking spaces will be available from Fraser Street. The total area of the building will be just under 20,000 square feet.

One additional note: The site of the apartment will be on an old quarry. Developers say they will put up a fence to keep people away from a steep drop-off located towards the back end of the property.

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