Planetary diet nixes meat/sugar

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Some international health experts are calling for us to transform the way we eat in order to save ourselves and  the planet. New research claims that the planetary health diet will not only prevent further damage to the environment, but it will also improve our health. An international panel  

Scientists say civilization is in crisis – but our diet can be the solution. A new report suggests a radical change in the way we eat, starting with strict limits on red meat.

“It corresponds to roughly one fairly good size hamburger per week. Or if you like a big juicy steak, once a month,” said Dr. Walter Willett, who’s part of a team of scientists reporting for the Lancet Health Journal.

The  diet overhaul is designed to protect future generations – and the planet – by promoting better health. It says by the year 2050, global consumption of red meat and sugar should be cut in half.  And that people should eat twice as many nuts, fruits and vegetables, and legumes.

Willett said, “Our goal is to define a pathway whereby we can feed 10 billion people who will inhabit earth by 2050.”

The guidelines cut dairy to one serving a day and fish to two servings a week. Scientists behind the diet say it will be worth the sacrifice, saving the environment and preventing 11 million premature deaths each year.

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