SOMERSET COUNTY, Pa (WTAJ) – A Philadelphia man is behind bars after police say he was found sleeping in another man’s car.

Warren K. Pleasant, 30, was found sleeping in a man’s vehicle in his garage. The garage owner told police around 8:15 a.m. on Jan. 20, he went downstairs to the garage, which was a part of a company he worked for, to replace the insurances cards in the company vehicles. The victim noticed a pair of shoes lying next to a vehicle and then noticed Pleasant in the driver’s seat sleeping.

The victim then called the police and while making the call Pleasant woke up and told the victim he was on the run for murder.

After police arrived and talked with Pleasant, he stated he had been staying in the garage for about 36 hours to stay out of the cold. He also told police he was “on the run” for a burglary warrant.

Police have charged Pleasant with criminal trespassing and he is currently in Somerset County Prison.

There are no current charges against Pleasant for murder.

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