CLEARFIELD COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — A PFA violation in Clearfield County ended with the arrest of not only two men, but also the victim that had the PFAs against them.

Police were at the home of Prudence Lee Perks April 25, when they spotted the van of Nathan Folmer who she had a PFA against. Folmer also had an active arrest warrant. Perks said she was unaware the van was in her driveway and didn’t know who owned it.

Police then located Folmar in the van. When attempting to arrest him, he fought with officers before Perks joined in. Troopers said she began grabbing at them and threatening to punch them and yelling to get off her property.

Perks reportedly yelled and encouraged Folmar to keep resisting and fighting troopers while yelling at police to leave him alone. She also kept referring to him as “Andy” as he told police that was his name. He was identified as Folmar by a PennDOT photo.

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Both Folmar and Perks were taken to Clearfield County Jail that day. Perks was later released on $25,000 bail while Folmar was unable to post $100,000 bail that included drug charges.

The investigation the next day led police to a 2nd man, Caleb Perks, 22, who was living in the home with Prudence that also had a PFA against him. He was also taken to Clearfield County Jail.