(WTAJ) — Although the overturning of Roe v Wade has not changed Pennsylvania’s abortion laws, a state law is being highlighted that protects mothers who may not be ready to take care of a child.

The Safe Haven Law or Newborn Protection Act allows mothers to bring their newborn, up to 28 days old, to any hospital, police station or EMS center anonymously.

As long as the baby is not harmed, the mom will not be in trouble, and the county’s children and youth agency will take custody of the baby after a doctor’s examination.

The agency will then find a family to adopt the baby through an adoption center.

And like other adoption processes, the mother can take her baby back from its foster family.

Mothers do not have to give any information about either herself or her baby. That way, they can stay confidential about their pregnancy and not face legal consequences.

The mother will not be asked questions or be judged but can provide their baby’s medical information.

“I think it’s a very compassionate and a very good law,” said Scott Manganella of the Altoona pregnancy care center Precious Life Incorporated. “I think it’s important that [the mother] has those options available and that she knows what they are.”

Fifty one babies have been given up since the state law was enacted in 2003.

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The state’s Secret Safe website says if taken to a hospital, the baby does not have to be handed to a staff member, and some medical centers have cribs or designated areas to hand babies over.