Penn State students work to help State College with sustainability

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Penn State students in a business sustainability class are proposing ways to help the environment in the State College region. 

For one of these projects, Penn State students say their research shows the university spent $450,000 for tailgate cleanup in 2017. 
They say they have some ideas to bring that number down.
As part of a business sustainability class, Penn State student, John Scheldrup and his classmates were challenged to solve the problem of the trash that’s left behind after Penn State football tailgates.
Before the last Blue and White game, they started a pilot program and handed out around two hundred recycling bags to people buying beer at Hickies, in State College.
“We were passing them out at the beer distributor, so our idea behind this whole project was to contact the customer at the source and not when they were already drunk at the tailgates,” John Scheldrup, Penn State student said.
State College Borough says, these student projects will actually help them make better decisions on future laws.
“We want to make sure that as we move forward our neighborhoods and our infrastructures and the policies that we are implementing will help to make our town sustain throughout the changes with greenhouse gases and differen environmentl projects,” Jasmine Fields, with the State College Borough, said.
John says they got good feedback on passing out recycle bags at beer distributers before football games.
“We actually discussed with a cleanup worker who comes back on Sunday after the football games and was really appreciative of what we were doing,” Scheldrup, said.
John says if their pilot program is picked up by the Sustainability Communities Collaborative.  They will pass out the bags at other beer stores throughout Happy Valley.

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