Penn State students react to release of ‘Paterno’ film

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HBO released its much anticipated “Paterno” movie over the weekend, which is gathering reaction from the Penn State community. 

“They shouldn’t have named the movie ‘Paterno’ if they were going to be talking about the scandal because he was a lot more than that. And I think that it upsets me that’s what the movie is mostly focusing on,” Penn State senior Ashley Bortner said. 

The movie follows the iconic former Penn State football coach, Joe Paterno, and the events immediately following Jerry Sandusky’s arrest for raping multiple boys connected to the Second Mile Charity.

Movie reviews have current Penn State students unsure about watching it. 

“I heard it has really bad, has like a really bad point of view on Penn State, and I’m not really about that,” Penn State sophomore Audrey Rubanich said. 

“I also heard that there’s like not that much like new on it. That’s why I’m…kind of also indifferent on watching it. Cause it’s…if it was a fresh take…maybe that’d be kind of…interesting to see,” Penn State freshman Alex Palmer said.
The Paterno family released a statement ahead of the movie’s release. Nearly 300 former Penn State football players also spoke out against the fictionalization of the events.

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