Penn State Students React To New Tailgate Cleanup System- Plus Some Tips to Keep Your Tailgate Clean

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“I always want to clean up, but I definitely think this will help… with students having to take less time to think about where they throw things, and just throwing it and leaving, I think it will definitely keep it cleaner,” said Penn State Undergrad Michael Harvath when referencing the new recycling/trash system for tailgaters this year at Beaver Stadium.

To Harvath the process of throwing things away is common sense.

“You have a drink, you have a wrapper… you just throw it out or keep it in your pocket… when you see a trash can, throw it out and walk away,” Harvath said.

But messy post-tailgate scenes have been commonly associated with undergraduate students. While the new policy may make it easier for tailgaters to sort out “what goes where”, to Penn State Graduate Student Kim Mahigel, it’s still a matter of effort and responsibility.

“You’re in college, no one is cleaning up after you, you can clean up after yourself…. your mom’s and dad’s are home and I expect they would expect you to clean up after yourself because that’s what they probably raised you to do… so I think you guys should do it yourself.” That was Mahigel’s message for PSU students.

Amy Schirf, from the Centre County Recycle and Refuse Authority gave a key tip towards a clean tailgate:

“When you have something to throw away…. just throw it away. Don’t throw it on the ground. I believe if you throw it on the ground you might just leave it there… it might blow away. So once you’re done using something: put it in your clear bag if it’s trash and if it’s a bottle or a can, put it in your blue bag and you’re set to go.”

For this Saturday’s game, general parking lots will open as early as 8:00 AM, so you can start your tailgate nice and early.

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