Penn State students react to Nazi packets found on campus

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This week, posters accusing at least 10 either current or former Penn State students

Of being Nazis were found across the University Park campus.
Penn State spokesperson Lisa Powers tells us the posters were found in bathrooms in the Hub and in the Willard building.
Some of them contain photos of 10 young men and allege they are part of a hate group and warn that there are quote “dark threats quietly lurking on campus.”
Penn State officials say there’s no place for hate at the university and they looking into this situation.
Several students at Penn State tell WTAJ they had heard about packets going around campus that mentioned Nazis at Penn State.  Others WTAJ spoke to had not, but the thing most people are saying is they’re stunned.
Andrew Berlin is a Junior at Penn State, he’s also a Jew from Pittsburgh.  He says he knows acts of hate can happen any moment. 

But he was caught off guard when he saw the Black Student Union of Penn State’s tweet, alledging Nazis are here at the school.
“If these people are what these people are proclaiming that they are, it definitely needs to be taken very seriously, because something like this, it shouldn’t be happening,” Andrew Berlin, Student at Penn State, said.
Other students say just the thought of Nazis on campus is unsettling and makes minority groups nervous.
“Even the possible threat that there could be an active Nazi community on campus is definitely shocking,” Justin Keller, Student, at Penn State, said.
Berlin says he hopes people aren’t quick to judge the ten men in the picture, before Penn State has finished their investigation.

“Before you start calling someone a Nazi, that’s a really, really, strong word, being a Nazi, that’s a really strong word, being a Nazi, being a racist or whatever it is I hope that these people are investigated before they are publicly ousted by the community,” Berlin, said.
And there’s no confirmation that the ten men in the photo are current students.
The Pasqurella Spiritual Center is available for students who want to talk about this issue.

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