Penn State releases “hazing violations” from the last 5 years

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We’re now getting a closer look at past hazing reports on Penn State campuses.
This is thanks to a new law honoring a Greek life student who died during a night of hazing at Penn State.
The university released the information Monday.
Thanks to the new Timothy J. Piazza law we now know 31 hazing crimes were reported on Penn State’s campuses in the last five years.
“lt could bring awareness to hazing,” Labib Nazer, Penn State student, said.
The law requires all higher learning centers to reveal hazing incidents twice a year in January and August.
Until now, this information has been kept confidential.
“It’s very unusual, because you actually have to say who did it, a little bit about the case and what the sanctions were, so it’s definitely something that is trying to bring to the surface what’s going on with hazing,” Tony DeBoef, WTAJ Legal Analyst, said.
Penn State athletes are getting talks about hazing is exactly and how serious the consequences can be.

“The very nitty gritty details of what is specifically hazing, and it’s just forcing anybody to do something that they just don’t want to no matter what it is,” Derrick Andreassi, Penn State student athlete, said.  “To be apart of a team, in the sense of Greek life, if it be you had to do this or else you can’t join.”
Of the 31 hazing violations 20 were at Wniversity Park and all but three happened in Greek life.

“It definitely brought out a lot of faces of people responsible for it, which can make people think twice about some of the actions that they do,” Derrick Andreassi, Penn State student athlete, said.
Some violiations in the report include forced food and alcohol consumption , sleep deprivation and physical abuse.
It also lists the actions taken by the university in response to hazing incidents.
Some organizations were put on probation, suspended, or expelled.

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