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UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. (WTAJ) — Vacations are a great way to wind down and relax. But it’s also an opportunity for criminals to take advantage of travelers in a new area or homes that are left unattended.

As a result, Penn State University Police has decided to provide tips to ensure safety when traveling during the summer.

According to the annual crime report from Pennsylvania State Police, a burglary happens once every 19 minutes and 24 seconds in Pennsylvania. Overarching property crime happens every two minutes and 44 seconds, according to the diagram. Looking specifically into violent crime, one occurs every 13 minutes and 26 seconds in Pennsylvania.

A diagram displaying the frequency of crime in Pennsylvania from the PSP annual crime report.


  1. Don’t post vacation pictures until you get home. Vacation selfies are great, but posting them online is a huge flag to criminals that you’re away and nobody is at your home.
  2. Secure your belongings. Penn State University Police said travelers should always take measures to secure their belongings and keep them out of sight. This should be enforced at the beach, a restaurant, hotel or when leaving a car.
  3. Stay alert. This can be applied whether you’re at home or away. Watch for and report suspicious behavior if you see it.
  4. Do your research. Before setting foot in your new destination, research the safest neighborhoods and places to stay. According to Nationwide, you should also have emergency contact numbers for that area on hand. This could be a police station, local emergency department, or an embassy or consulate.
  5. Make copies of important documents. In case anything goes wrong, have copies of your passport, license or any other form of ID. Save these documents online and print hard copies to ahve on hand.

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