Penn State Frat Council Introduces New Policy Intending To Keep Parties Safer

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University Park, Pa- The Penn State Interfraternity Council or IFC in an attempt to keep fraternity events, including parties, safer is requiring at least one brother to be CPR certified and sober at all events.

“There are opportunities at these events for there to be incidents that would require CPR…. even if it isn’t alcohol related, these are just large scale events- for philanthropy- and there are many complications that can occur within individuals that would cause CPR to need to be used,” said Alec Gutsche, the IFC Vice President of Civic Responsibility.

Gutsche says the policy comes after a year of discussion by the IFC regarding what can be done to make sure there’s a responsible student present at all parties…

 The next question though? How do you ensure this responsible person is present at parties?

“We have already had preliminary talks with the compliance checkers who do check the house parties every night, and those checkers will then be taught what they’ll be checking to see if there is the one sober CPR brother,” Gutsche said.

To him, there’s no question on the policies feasibility.

“Overall the feasibility, I feel it’s very feasible. There are other policies that are harder to implement that have already been implemented, so i think it’s pretty clear that this is going to be easily implemented by the end of the semester and for future semester,” he said.

Gutshce added that the policy wouldn’t just make parties safer… but campus too.

He told WTAJ: “This is just adding CPR certified students to the PSU campus as well as the socials. So if an older professor collapses in class there is another potential student that’s there that can apply CPR.”

The IFC’s policy will begin to be enforced once members from every fraternity are properly trained.

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