UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. (WTAJ)– With the Summer season approaching, the Penn State Office of Physical Plant (OPP) has announced various construction and renovation projects taking place across campus.

The Summer projects include work on parking, paving and roadways, sidewalks, and some additional building renovations.

Parking, paving and roadways projects

  • Orange U (East), Silver G (Greenberg), Yellow M (Lasch), Yellow R (Ag Admin), Student 11 (Grubb/Garban), and Off Campus Commuter (TSB) is set to receive mill and overlay maintenance this summer.
  •  Stadium West Drive will receive crack seal and seal coating treatments while Gate C will get improvements.
  • The surface lot between Elliott Building and Beaver Avenue will undergo a realignment of spaces and improved Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessibility, expect parking at the Red V lot to be impacted.
  • Allen Road, from Park Avenue to Fischer Road, will be closed for May and June and a detour will be in place. Along with that, Fischer Road will operate to two lanes and closed on certain weekends.
  • Nittany Parking Deck will get surface rehabilitation.
  • The Brown C parking lot near Osmond Lab will be closed. A detour will provide access to Brown B parking and Brown C (Ritenour).
  • Parking at the Electrical Engineering West and Electrical Engineering East buildings will be impacted due to chilled water pipe installation.


  • Porter, Curtin, Bigler and Pollock roads will receive lighting upgrades.
  • University Drive Ramp B will get sidewalk and lighting upgrades to provide increased pedestrian access from College Avenue to the eastern side of campus.
  • Nittany Apartments walkways will receive improved lighting.
  • Sidewalks near Mateer and Ford buildings will receive utility work. They will be closed and a detour will be in place.
  • Various sidewalks by  Osmond, Davey, Whitmore, South Frear, Buckhout and Bouke labs will receive utility work and a detour will be put in effect.

Building renovations

  • Forum Building will receive ADA upgrades along with general renovation.
  • McKee Hall’s slate roof will be replaced.
  • Sparks Building will receive HVAC upgrades along with replacing piping and air systems.
  • Pegula Ice Arena’s cooling tower will be replaced.
  • The White Building will get a new pool chemical room.

New construction and major renovation

  • The College of Engineering Research and Teaching Spaces 1 and 2 (West 1 and 2) are both currently under construction. West 1 construction is expected to be completed next year. West 2 is anticipated to be completed at the end of this year.
  • The Garfield Thomas Water Tunnel continues renovation and addition.
  • The Palmer Art Museum continues to develop at the Arboretum.
  • East Halls will get a overhaul including a complete renewal of building systems.
  • The Lasch Football Building is expected to wrap up in the Summer.
  • Replacement and renovation of the  University’s Water Reclamation Facility will continue.

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OPP, transportation services and project contractors plan to keep disruptions to a minimum. For more information, OPP provides an interactive construction map with updates of campus construction projects and the campus visitor map also offers capital project information.