Patton Twp. in Centre Co. gives tip to save you from additional rounds of shoveling

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Patton Township, Centre County, Pa- Monday afternoon, Patton Township declared a snow emergency, which means residents must move their cars off the road until the emergency is lifted.

One main reason for the policy requiring cars to be moved off the street is to enable crews to easily and properly plow the roads.

Township officials say that… yes, they have to plow snow onto the edge of driveways. But, they told WTAJ they don’t take any pleasure in doing this. They also gave some tips on how you can save yourself from another round of shoveling caused by the plows.

“Wait as long as you can to shovel out the end of your driveway… because we’re gonna have to come back. The longer you can wait to clear out the end of the driveway, the less snow you’re gonna have that we can put back in there,” said Pattown Township Manager, Douglas Erickson.

When you wake up the next morning, there may be more snow in part of the driveway again… but it’s all part of crew’s efforts to help get you to work safely.

“Our primary goal, generally, is to get things cleaned up by seven or eight o’clock in the morning…so people can get rolling,” Erickson said.

The Township feels they can make this happen.

“We try to match the man-power with the storm,” said Stephen Casson, Public Works Director for Patton Township.

Three crews totaling 12 drivers will be out working 12-hour shifts if needed, which will go into the overnight hours. Each crew will have its own area to cover in Patton’s 58 miles of of roads. They’ll look to clear both the immediate snow, and stop the potential for ice.

“We’re gonna salt right behind where we we plow… after that the crews will make their way around with more salt as well,” said Casson.

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