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Three years ago, Bill Griffith assembled a group, consisting of his son and his friends. to create a passionate fandom that has birthed something that goes beyond sports.

The Dragon Wagon Crew goes to every Central High School Football game. Home and away. Griffith picks up the kids in an old style vehicle, deemed the “Dragon Wagon,” and takes them out to eat and then to the stadium to prep for the games. The “Dragon Wagon” is decked out in Central High School logos and the players numbers. All of this, to share his passion for community and football pride. 

Griffith said, “I want to show them that it is more than just about sports,” he continued, “I mean, there’s life lessons in everything we do. Just to show them that they can be anything that they want to be.”

A role model, the kids say he has taught them about anything from changing a tire and about being respectful.

Eighth Grader Tyler Hess said, “He cares about us so much that he takes off work every Friday to take us to far away places Using his own money he just cares about us. It’s dedication.”

Hess says explained the bond the group has created. “We’re a brotherhood, we get to go to football games travel a lot in the Dragon Wagon. It’s a great time that we get to spend together.”

Griffith’s commitment to the kids has meant a lot. Eight Grade Member Jeff Hoenstine said, “He’s a special guy. He means a lot to us,”

Griffith said it was “awesome” that the kids felt that way. But, he emphasized that for him, it’s all about the kids. He explained, “I just want to make a difference. That’s my three best words. Make a difference.” Griffith continued, “If one kid, I can make a difference in one kid’s life, I’m successful you know what I mean?”

The full story can be seen in the attached video.

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