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Central PA- The two candidates on the ballot in the 15th Congressional District tomorrow are Republican Representative Glenn Thompson, and Democratic challenger Susan Boser.

WTAJ spoke with both candidates to hear a bit about their background, and the key issues that matter to them.

First a quick background on both:

Congressman Glenn Thompson, (R) 5th Congressional District said, “I worked in rehabilitation services. I spent 28 years serving people who are facing life changing disease and disability….  I’m still a scoutmaster. I’ve been in scouting since 11 years old. I’m a state certified firefighter, EMT, rescue technician, school board member.”

Susan Boser, (D) Candidate for 15th Congressional District said, “I’m a first time politician and I’m 61 years old. I’ve never done anything like this before. I was in human services for 20 years… child and family and also drug and alcohol treatment. I ended up getting a degree from Cornell when I was in my mid-40’s and since then I’ve been teaching at IUP.”

Here’s what each said were the most important issues in their platform


“First and foremost I’d have to say jobs that pay a family sustaining wage. We have the lowest unemployment we’ve had in a very long time, yet so many people are still wrestling here with tremendous poverty, and it has everything to do with the kind of wages they receive.”

Congressman Thompson:

“First is workforce… making sure we’re bridging that gap for people who are unemployed, underemployed… and so helping those individuals be able to get access to the type of skills based education to qualify for one of these family sustaining jobs.”

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