Parks Miller issues statement after Primary loss

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Centre County District Attorney Stacy Parks Miller releases a statement after losing to Bernie Cantorna in the primary.

To all my supporters, friends and family. Today is sad day but not unexpected. The very person who falsely accused me of a crime in 2015 is now going to be the chief law enforcement officer of our county in 2018. In 2015, I knew this was the hopeful endgame for the ugly political whirlwind that was aimed at me. I also knew, despite the absurdity of the allegations that I forged a Judge’s signature that accusations themselves stick and even once I was cleared, it would haunt me. It did, and that was the real goal. I did not think the person who first accused me would have the nerve to actually be my opponent, but I was wrong again. Instead of this race being about qualifications and accomplishments, I had to instead weather clouds of “scandal” (fake and untrue) and such hatred for “fighting back” and being right. I became a “troublemaker.” A classic political maneuver. FACT: I am very proud of all we have accomplished in these last 8 years. All the strides for children, how we raised the bar for crimes against women, domestic violence, sexual assault crimes. I will continue to do my job with the highest levels of skill and integrity and I have loved every minute of helping victims and Centre County. That is why I ran for this office to begin with. That is all I ever wanted to do. FACT: Centre County government has a lot of problems internally that led to the pushback on an independent DA. Separate branches of government are very important. These issues are going to be exposed much more in the near future. Stacy Parks Miller the citizen is worried for our community and crime victims. I am worried exactly as I was in 2009 when I ran. This job is not for a novice. We will all see together how this works out for our County. I pray it does. This job should be 100% apolitical. Thank you all again for all of your wonderful support for making our community safe, seeing through the political charade when it happened, and supporting the complete turnaround of the DAs office in the last 7 years. We are in tip top shape at this time due to a wonderful office, outstanding and competent ADAs and dedicated staff and consistent and appropriate case results. We will not waiver through the end of this year! Thank you all for your support and love. Warmly, SPM

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