Parking ordinance causes problems for residents

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Carl Duttry came out of his house on Chestnut St. one morning to find a parking ticket on his windshield.

“Well I was mad,” Duttry said. “I mean I got a ticket that cost 30 bucks and I went down and I talked to the chief of police and he said there’s no talking, you gotta pay it.”

Duttry said he’s been parking in the same space for 22 years, and this is the first time it’s ever been a problem.

That’s because Dubois City Council passed an ordinance in June that states people can’t park in the right-of-way, or space between the curb or road and sidewalk.

The ordinance went into effect on October 1 and residents were given warning in advance.

Police Chief Blaine Clark said the ordinance was passed for a number of safety reasons.

“That creates curbs from not getting crushed down, people being able to see around, people not having to walk out into traffic, or at least roadways,” Chief Clark said.

So that leaves many people, including Duttry, with limited places left to park.

“All i want to see is that we’re able to park here,” Duttry said.

For now, Duttry was told he can park in this space until the city and police come and evaluate the affected streets.

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