PA husband arrested, charged with murder of missing wife

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A 65-year-old Pennsylvania man was arrested and charged with the murder of his missing wife.

Rabihan Seiders went missing seven years ago.

Police believe Hap Seiders assaulted and killed his wife, then burned her body at their home in Silver Spring Township.

Priscilla Liguouri has more, including a possible motive.

It all started with unanswered calls.

“You would have thought ‘gee, maybe the husband would have been concerned,’ but the first person to call was the daughter,” said Cumberland County District Attorney Skip Ebert.

Rabihan Seiders’ daughter says her mom was afraid she’d be beat or poisoned by her husband Hap Seiders.

Hap told police he dropped his wife off at a hotel in New Jersey, and hadn’t seen her since.

But police couldn’t find either of them on surveillance video.

Police searched the Seiders’ Silver Spring Township home in 2012.

Inside, blood on the carpet, and…

“The remains we found in the fireplace, DNA was not able to be extracted from these bones, so we were left with an expert who has indicated they are human bones and they are female,” said Ebert.

Investigators believe Hap killed Rabihan and burned her body.

But the case was in the grand jury for years.

Then, a different DA decided it was time to take action.

“I prolonged the investigation to keep moving forward on some other charges that I’m not free to talk about at this time,” said Ebert.

Investigators put him under electronic surveillance, and arrested him Tuesday.

Hap is charged with Criminal Homicide, Tampering with Evidence, and Abuse of Corpse.

Police say the alleged motive was money…millions of dollars in gold coins that Rabihan had moved to safe deposit boxes.

“Even in small town, rural Pennsylvania, domestic violence like this happens,” said Silver Spring Police Chief Christopher Raubenstine

Hap Seiders is being held in Cumberland County Prison without bail.

A preliminary hearing is tentatively scheduled for March 13.

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