WTAJ — Raystown and Somerset Lakes are receiving over $100,000 in funds from the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission (PFBC) as part of the National Fish Habitat Partnership (NFHP).

Raystown Lake, in Huntingdon County, will receive $75,000 for its Shoreline Habitat Barge Project. The goal is to help stabilize actively eroding shorelines. Rock structures will be created to form a better fish habitat and improve the water quality. The project cost $611,629 and additional funding was provided by the Friends of Raystown Lake.

Somerset Lake, in Somerset County, will receive $40,000 for its Fish Habitat Improvement Project. This will provide the lake with additional wood and rock-type fish habitats for the future fishery at the lake. The lake was drained during a dam rehabilitation project but has since been refilled. The habitat project will complete phase two of its ongoing large-scale habitat improvement efforts. The project cost $119,876 and additionally funding for the project was provided by the Somerset Lake Action Committee.

Through the NFHP (www.fishhabitat.org), the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and its partners award federal funding that is leveraged with additional partnership project funding from other sources to boost locally led habitat enhancement projects.  These projects can include streambank restoration, removal of barriers to fish passage, erosion reduction on agricultural lands, and monitoring and assessment efforts to identify conservation needs for fish and their habitats.  Anticipated benefits of these projects include more robust fish populations, better fishing, and healthier waterways.  This year, funding through the NFHP program resulted in a 9-to-1 leveraged funding match.

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For additional information about the PFBC’s Lake Habitat Improvement Program visit their website.