ALTOONA, Pa (WTAJ) — A service that offers assistance to job seekers and employers is seeing more people on the hunt for work.

PA CareerLink said as long as you are 16 years of age, they can help you find a job, no matter what barrier you face.

Blair & Bedford County CareerLink site administrator Gwen Fisher said with their one-on-one service, you dont have to do it alone.

They offer help with job searches, putting together a resume, interview skills, and try and connect folks with other community resources.

For employers, Fisher said they make sure workers are a good fit.

“We help them with their job postings, we can put on job fairs for them, we can match those job seekers up to the jobs that we have, its a very personal job matching service that we offer them all at no cost,” Fisher said.

Altoona resident, Taylor Carini used the service CareerLink to find his current job at ArtsAltoona and he looks forward to coming into work.

“I hear of a lot of people complaining that they dont want to come to work, but I dont have that problem, I like it, it’s something that I look for, it’s something that I enjoy, I dont want to give it up anytime soon,” Carini said.

Carini was born blind, but he said he is just like everyone else.

“Really no different than any other person, I mean I know it’s a disability, but I dont consider it one,” Carini said.

Being able to do everything someone who can see can do, just in a different way.

“He does things that a lot of people think you would absolutely need sight for like he’s writing articles and having one on ones with people, but he does it himself and he does a really good job at it,” ArtsAltoona Employee Christian Douglas said.

The program has been staying busy so they ask you to make appointments before coming in.

To learn more about PA CareerLink you can visit their website or contact them at 814-940-6200.

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