“Out of the Cold” Homeless Shelter Opens for Cold Weather Months

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With the temperatures beginning to dip things are becoming more dangerous for homeless people.

The State College non-profit, “Out of the Cold” opened their doors for the homeless, this week.

Scott Dorman says during that time he was without a home he got frostbite on both feet from severe cold weather.

“Volunteers from St. Andrews actually  drove me to the hospital for that,” Dorman said.
Beckie Romig, Program Manager for Out of the Cold Centre County, says they’re seeing more and more younger homeless people, like Scott, come to their shelter.
“Several that we had last year had aged out of the foster care system,” Romig said.  “Part of Scott’s story as well, related to various addictions and that sort of thing, mental health challenges.”
Now Scott plans on helping people find homes, like he did.
“I’m helping check guests in, sign them in, for the night,” Dorman said.  “I’d like to eventually do some overnights throughout the season, which means sleeping overnight  making sure the guests are safe , making sure everybody’s respecting everybody else.”
Out of the Cold does not have it’s own facility right now, so they stay at one of fourteen different churches in state college, for two weeks at a time.
Out of the cold is open overnight here at St Andrews Episcopal Church in State College, from 9pm-7am from now until Nov 4th.

A daytime “warming station” will start up on October 31st– between 9:30am and 1:30 in the afternoon at St. Paul’s United Methodist Church.

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