Only 18% in Centre County use emergency alert system

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Those that work in Centre County Emergency Communications 911 want people to know about an emergency alert system they say most residents aren’t aware of.

Centre County Emergency Communicaitons 911 say out of the 162,000 people in the county, only  about 9,000 are signed up for the code red emergency alert system. They believe getting everyone signed up can save lives.

Melissa Scott in Bellefonte has parents near Clarion.

“My parents are older and they’re a couple hours away from me so I always want to keep an eye on them,” Melissa said.

She wasn’t familiar with the Code Red Alert Emergency system.

“It’s one of those things you hear it, but you have no idea what it is.”  

After hearing about the alert system she decided she wanted to download the app.

Dale Neff, Director for Centre County Emergency Communications 911 says code red is a mass notification system.

“The 9-1-1 Center would send out emergency messages to the public on things of concern, such as safety issues, issues with transportation, issues with water systems,” Neff said.
If you download the free code red app you’ll see the alerts going on throughout the country.
You’ll get one if you’re in an affected area.
You can also sign up for a text alert through the centre county government’s website.

The app and texts tell you what to do in an emergency.
“Instructions on who to contact, where to go, things that you would need to know,” Neff said.
They’ll tell people about the app at community events throughout the year.

“I think an app like this is really important.  Anything that increase awareness quickly within a group in a given situation can only improve response and everybody’s reaction,” Scott said.
To sign up for the emergency alert system and recieve texts you can go to:


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