One injured in Altoona fire

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One firefighter is injured and a dog is killed after a fire spread through three homes in an Altoona neighborhood Wednesday night.

It happened around 6:45 p.m. Wednesday. The fire started inside the home at 107 E. 6th Ave, then jumped to a neighbor’s home and seriously damaged another.

Neighbors said they could see flames spread to the two houses around the first house on fire.

“It was in the middle house and it was spreading into other unit, over here and then it started on the other side of it,” said neighbor Ann Roland.

Another witness said he saw the flames shoot about eight feet in the air, hitting a firefighter.

“I did see a firefighter get engulfed in some flames one time, about six to eight feet of flames hit him in the face pretty good,” said Andrew Sault.

“Luckily we were able to save the one of the three,” said Altoona Fire Chief Tim Hileman. “I think the other two were damaged pretty badly so I’m not really sure if they’re going to be able to be repaired or not.”

There were people inside two of the three homes. They made it out safely, but one dog did not make it out.

“One individual had rubble fall down on him inside the house,” said Chief Hileman. “That debris was heated, super heated and it got onto his neck and he got a superficial burn.”

The injured firefighter was treated at UPMC Altoona and was released.

“I’m very proud of the firefighters that we have in the city of Altoona,” said Chief Hileman. “They train hard and they’re ready for these kinds of instances and thankfully tonight we were able to get this fire stopped before it made any further progress.”

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