Old Clearfield Penn DOT building to be renovated into Daisy Place Complex

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Robert Greenland and his family is taking the old Clearfield PennDOT building and revamping it.

This is Rebekah Rebekah Graham’s first project with her dad. “It’s great being able to work with family and being able to come together on a project that we can really see help transform Clearfield,” says, Marketing Coordinator, Graham
The building sits on Route 322 and Daisy Street and will soon be called “The Daisy Place.” The thought being the building was to expand options outside of downtown Clearfield. “We wanted to make sure that we had some options for people on this end of town. Especially, when you get into Woodland, those areas too, there’s just not a lot out here,” adds Graham.

The renovations first began back in August, but there’s a big to-do list. The building will be transformed into an upper-level food court. The hope is to bring families different options and convenience for a nearby senior living facility. “My friends’ grandparents or the older couples in our church are the ones that live there now. So they don’t have to go all the way to Walmart it’s kind of a feat for a lot of them.”

The main floor will feature six different suites for businesses. Graham says there are still spaces available. “Right now, we’re demoing the building and clearing it out so a lot of what it’s going to be is open spaces and then they can be custom built,” says Graham.

There’s no exact timeline for when the daisy place complex will be open. But the family’s hope to breathe life back into the town. “There’s so much that has gone out of Clearfield so far so we want to help bring business back.”

Anyone who may be interested in moving a business into the complex can find more information on The Daisy Place website.

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