Officials urge voters to turn in mail-in ballots in person

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BLAIR COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — With the election just a few days away, some voters are concerned around the region.

Those I spoke to today said they are putting in additional measures to navigate the many changes in this election.

“I just think it’s going to take longer, normally you would hear after the election was over but now I’m curious to how long it’s actually going to take till we hear who won the election,” Roaring Spring resident, Terri Scott said.

That concern resonates among a majority of voters this year, while others want to know how to make sure their mail-in ballot is counted.

Officials continue to urge voters to drop those ballots off in person, but if that isn’t an option, mail it out as soon as possible.

The ballots need to be postmarked by November 3rd and as of right now they need to be received by the latest November 6th.

Officials said if you want to make sure your mail-in ballot is received, your best option is to turn it in, in person.

Starting on 8 am election day all the mail-in ballots received so far will begin to be precanvased (opening the envelopes and flattening the ballots so that they are ready to be scanned/counted).

The votes will not actually be counted until 8 pm on Election Day.

To help speed the process along, Blair County commissioner Laura Burke said the county is also doubling their election staff.

“We do have more office workers and then starting with election day we’ll have twice as many people as we did in the primary with the counting process,” Burke said.

But with a historic number of ballots coming in, accuracy is key and that means a longer wait for anxious voters.

“We want to make sure every vote counts and that takes time and so we’re used to having immediate results and having that satisfaction and with this system and not being able to precanvas ahead of time that’s just not going to happen,” Burke said.

Today the Secretary of State, Kathy Boockvar, and the Wolf Administration said if mail-in ballots are not postmarked on the 3rd or turned in by the time the polls close on election day, counties should separate them out, with the possibility of counting them at a later time.

Blair County is required to provide unofficial results to the department of state by 5 pm on Tuesday, November 10th, these do not become official results until the five day period for appeals passes.

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