Officials seeking help against Spotted Lanternfly

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As you continue to head to the woods, state officials warn to be on the lookout for the Spotted Lanternfly.

Officials with the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture say they’ve been battling the invasive Spotted Lanternfly all year. Now, they’re turning to hunters for help.

The spotted Lanternfly begins laying egg masses in late September. Those eggs will be laid on trees or nearby smooth surfaces, like outdoor furniture or vehicles. In just the last two week, 290 egg masses have been found and removed in Pennsylvania. That’s equal to more than 10,000 Spotted Lanternfly. If hunters come across those egg masses while they are out in the wood, they’re being asked to scrape them off, and destroy them.

“If you’re out in the woods and you’re deer hunting in particular, you don’t want to use alcohol to leave a scent. So, just squish it. Just scrape off the mud casing and stomp on it, squish it, do whatever you can to destroy those eggs. They should be destroyed without using alcohol,” said Shannon Powers, PA Department of Agriculture.

You can also report any sightings of the Spotted Lanternfly by calling 1-800-4bad-fly.

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