BLAIR COUNTY, Pa (WTAJ) — An Altoona man is behind bars after slashing a woman’s tires and running from police.

Jermaine Deneen, 19, had been seen on surveillance footage slashing both drivers’ side tires. The victim contacted police and said that Deneen had taken off down an alley behind her home. Police were able to locate Deneen and attempted to stop him, but he ran away.

Police pursued Deneen on foot before stopping and tasing him while he was trying to hop a fence near the 2500 block of 5th Avenue. He was searched and police found a brown and gold folding pocket knife on him, which Deneen told police he used to slash the tires.

When Deneen was questioned about why he slashed the tires he told police he was already set to go to jail on Monday and had “nothing to lose.” He wanted to “get revenge” on the victim who Deneen claimed spray-painted his father’s vehicle.

Deneen is in Blair County Prison and being charged with possession of an instrument of crime with intent, escape, resisting arrest and loitering at night time. His preliminary arraignment was held on April 14 and he’s awaiting his preliminary hearing scheduled for April 27.

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Deene was previously charged in a separate incident and was set to serve a minimum of two years and six months to five years in prison, with an additional five years of probation afterward.