North American Communications in Duncansville closes unexpectedly leaving nearly 270 without a job

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We’ve recieved many messages, emails and phone calls in our newsroom saying North American Communications in Duncansville closed their doors.

North American Communications is a direct mail manufacturing facility that calls itself the nation’s largest vertically integrated mail production and fufillment company.
Employees tell us – they were sent home around 3 p.m. on Monday and told they would be without a job due to the company filing for bankruptcy.

We’re told the same situation happened at their other facility in Mexico due to similar circumstances.
We reached out to the company – and a security guard tells us he feels this is a strange situation and thought the facility was on a track to a healthy amount of work for awhile. While he couldn’t confirm too many details, he says the move came out of nowhere and he hopes the closure isn’t permanent.

According to one employee – the Duncansville facility was home to nearly 270 employees.

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