No more bunions!

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Bunions are a real pain, with millions of people dealing with the common foot problem.  For years, surgery options always meant a long  tough recovery.  Now, an innovative micro-surgery may get patients back on their feet faster.

Orthopedic Surgeon Ettore Vulcano at Mount Sinai West is the first in the us to perform this procedure.

He says, “What’s revolutionary about it is that it’s done through extremely tiny incisions. And so that is, that allows to cut on recovery time substantially.”

During the operation, Doctor Vulcano makes a 2 to 3 millimeter incision – then uses a live X-ray to shave and realign the bone.  

“I cut the bones at this level, I shifted it over and made it straight, and then I put a titanium pin inside into each one of the bones to keep that in position,” he explains.

The new procedure can also be used to treat other foot problems, like hammertoe.  

Dr. Vulcano says most patients don’t need any pain medication after the surgery.

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