Nittany Valley Water Coalition seeks potential legal action against Penn State

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The Nittany Valley Water Coalition, now being called the Nittany Valley Environmental Coalition, said they’re still a force to be reckoned with.

For 127 days the Nittany Valley Water Coalition fought for land along Whitehall Rd., but in December Penn State closed a deal with Toll Brothers to build new student housing.

Members said it’s left them feeling angry and a bit defeated but they will continue to fight back.

Terry Melton, a member of the group, said “Well there’s a lot of interest in the Centre County region in our beautiful agricultural land and we want to protect it.”

During the group’s meeting on Friday night Melton said members discussed plans to file a lawsuit against Penn State, questioning its ability to protect land and its environmental responsibilities as a university.

The group is also going by a new name: The Nittany Valley Environmental Coalition.

“We will continue to go forward and think about how we can protect other parcels in our community,” Melton said.

David Stone, also a member of the coalition said,  “So we’re going to continue to press these issues.”

Stone said the group has a sincere passion for the region and its natural resources going beyond the Toll Brothers controversy.

“But we also have a great respect for facts and evidence,” Stone said.

Another item on their agenda, the proposed plans for a bottling facility by Nestle Waters North America.

“We don’t want to be short-sided when we faced with climate change. So in the next 5-100 years we may be seeing some real challenges to our water supply,” Melton said.

Melton adds that it’s a complex issue that goes beyond job creation.

“We agree 50 jobs might be needed in the area but not at the expense worrying about our water supply and whether we could run out of water,” Melton said.

Coalition members say in regards to Penn State, they plan to seek legal advice from an attorney first thing on Monday.

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