Newly instated officials ready to bring change to Clearfield County

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CLEARFIELD, Pa. (WTAJ)– New elected officials are adjusting to their new roles and ready to use their experience to create changes in Clearfield County.

Elected officials were sworn into office last Monday in Clearfield County.

Clearfield County Commissioner Dave Glass

Dave Glass is the new face in the Commissioners’ office.

Before voted into office, Glass grew up in Clearfield, served as Clearfield school board president and ran his own business.

“I’ve spent the last year sitting over there, so it’s been a big difference sitting on the other side of the table,” Glass said.

Glass said he wants to create a strategic plan for the county– a vision for where the county could be in five to 10 years.

“It was always working right in front of us, and not worrying about making a plan for five or 10 years down the road,” Glass said. “I would like us to take that wider strategic vision to develop a plan for the buildings, develop a plan for the jail, it needs some renovations.”

He also wants to look at ideas like doing a feasibility study for renovations at the county jail.

“I want to get all the facts on the table,” Glass said. “Here’s where we’re at, here’s what it takes. Here’s options A, B and C, and let’s make an informed decision on what the best thing to do is.”

District Attorney Ryan Sayers

Just as Glass is ready to bring changes and ideas to the commissioners’ office, the new district attorney, Ryan Sayers is ready to step into his role.

“It’s been a whirlwind to say the least,” Sayers said.

Sayers is from Frenchville and has seven years of experience as a defense attorney in Clearfield.

“During the seven years that I was on the other side as a defense attorney, I saw things I thought needed changed,” Sayers said.

As the county’s chief law enforcement office– he said he’s listening closely to the needs of local police.

He wants to provide police with training opportunities and funding, along with keeping them informed with the court process.

“We’re providing the list prior to criminal call,” Sayers said. “That way they can give us feedback on cases so that they can’t say they weren’t in the loop and we know more about the individual that’s being charged.”

He also said he’s preparing to prosecute all cases in the county and move forward with creating a drug court.

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