JOHNSTOWN, Pa (WTAJ) — The downtown Johnstown area just got a little sweeter with a new frozen yogurt and ice cream shop coming soon in the summer.

The New York area-based company Downtown Yogurt is opening its third location on Franklin Street. The shop is the company’s biggest store so far, and plans are to take customers through an immersive, engaging experience.

On Thursday, the team held a meet and greet with the Cambria Reginal Chamber building at the chamber’s lobby. The goal was to introduce the community to their name and provide some free ice cream.

Alize Stevenson is the Co-Owner and general manager of the future location. She’s familiar with the downtown area and felt a frozen yogurt place was needed to bring the community together.

“We’re diving in to see what downtown is missing and how we can make it better, and why not fro-yo,” Stevenson said. “We love bonding over ice cream and desserts. It’s very personal, so why not.”

The shop plans to feature eight flavors, 16 different ice cream flavors from Basset Ice cream, fresh-baked goods, and grab-and-go lunch options. The owner of the building, Laquan Marshall, said that this place was chosen to create an immersive customer experience that the two other locations in New York City and Jersey City could not provide.

“We were very intentional on customer experience,” Marshall said. “The experience they’re going to feel is that they’re going to walk smack dab into the four soft serve machines, so there’s eight flavors and four combination flavors. Then, they’ll be guided on a journey; it’ll be almost like a conveyor belt.”

The location is in an area where it generates a lot of foot traffic and nears a lot of local businesses. Stevenson said that the location’s whole purpose was to be in an area where folks could easily walk in and find.

Stevenson added that the shop would have an open room for children after school and be used for parties. Marshall said that the children would get a discount when they visit.

“The whole purpose is to generate more foot traffic here so we can get people downtown and get people excited,” Stevenson said. “This is generating a lot of buzz, a lot of excitement. Of course, children are passing the store like, “Oh wow, ice cream. I want that. I want that.” It’s a lot of great buzz here surrounding us.”

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The team is also planning to collaborate with other local businesses and continue to boost traffic within the area. Marshall said that the store should be ready to open come the end of summer.

“We’re trying to partner with other vendors and local businesses to get as many local products as possible,” Stevenson said. “One thing we don’t want to do is we don’t want to drown out any other business here. We want us to come together.”