New program to inspire good behavior at Galactic Ice.

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A recent string of bad behavior from area kids, has sparked a new initiative at Galactic Ice.

The manager says he wants kids to feel safe, and have fun, in a nice environment. 

To encourage good behavior, they teamed up with 12Eleven Brisket and Best Way Pizza. If kids have good behavior the first three Fridays of each month, they will be rewarded with free food from the restaurants as a sign of appreciation on the last Friday of the month while at Galactic Ice. 

“I think with the community these days, you see a lot of negativity, and a lot of negative press, especially with youth, drugs, alcohol, violence, whatever. So we’d like to do our part for the community and provide a little bit of positive re-enforcement for the kids, and hopefully steer them in the right direction,”said Sean Mctighe, the general manager and hockey director.

He went on to say it’s important that parents and kids know they are doing everything they can to make sure they are providing a safe and friendly environment.

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