New kind of migraine drug

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The FDA has just approved the first of a new class of drugs to treat migraines. The new drugs target a chemical and receptor on brain cells that dilate blood vessels involved in pain sensitivity. They basically tell the brain to turn off migraine by blocking the molecule that causes them.

The first of these new drugs to get FDA approval is called Aimovig. It will be available in an auto-injector similar to an EpiPen.  A migraine patient would inject the drug once a month.

At Montefiore Headache Center, Dr. Richard LIpton said of the new drugs, “they don’t work for everybody, but in half of people, or more than that depending on the study, at least half their attacks are prevented.”

Recent research showed that people who took the new drug reported fewer headaches, took less headache medicine, and were able to function better.

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