New hazing bill passes senate

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A new hazing bill is one step closer to becoming law.

The “Timothy J. Piazza Law”, aimed at combating hazing, was passed in the state senate today.

If passed the bill would increase penalties for all involved in hazing, require schools to have policies and reporting procedures in place to stop it, and informs students and parents of what is happening on campus.

The bill would also establish clear-cut parameters on hazing for fraternities and sororities, which is something Senator Jake Corman says is important.

“It’s important because it adds the deterrents. and it adds flexibilities to prosecutors if a crime of hazing happens,” said Corman. “We have these laws on the books today, it’s just very difficult for prosecutors to find ways to prosecute it with the appropriate amount of penalties.”

The bill now heads to the house for approval. 

Penn State student,Timothy Piazza, died as a result of hazing last year.

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