CENTRE COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — A Bellefonte man is facing charges after state police say he and another man broke into a home and stole a pair of Jordan sneakers along with a PlayStation 5 in Centre County.

Samuel Martinez, 20, was arraigned Thursday morning on several felony and misdemeanor charges stemming from the break-in that occurred at a home along the 100 block of Front Street in Potter Township on July 3.

Martinez and Dominy Arias, 19 of Spring Mills, drove to the home where they kicked in the front door and stole the video game console and shoes, according to court documents.


The homeowner told troopers he and his friends were sitting in the living room of the home around 10:50 p.m. when they heard a knock at the door right before it was kicked in. He said he and his friends ran to another room where they called 911.

A Ring surveillance camera that was facing the door captured Martinez and Arias as they broke in and stole the items, according to state police. It was also discovered that a front window of the home was also broken before the two left the home.

Troopers later questioned Arias on July 11 after it was found he posted the Jordan sneakers on Facebook Marketplace for $150. The shoes were reportedly retrieved from his home along Brush Mountain Road in Gregg Township.

Arias told state police a girl drove them to the home the day of the break-in. He claimed Martinez knocked on the door before kicking it in and then took the items and placed them in the vehicle. Arias also told police Martinez was armed with a black taser during the incident.

Arias claimed he only took one step inside the home before turning around. He said Martinez smashed a window where they knew the homeowner kept electronics before leaving. Arias told state police Martinez traded the PlayStation 5 for drugs.

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Martinez was charged with felony burglary, criminal conspiracy, receiving stolen property, criminal trespass, robbery and criminal mischief. He was placed in Centre County Prison on $25,000 bail.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for July 20.