New CT scanner at Elk County Vet Clinic saves patients money & mileage

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Ayla the border collie is a patient at the Elk County Veterinary Clinic in St Marys. She had to undergo surgery for an impacted tooth but this is a procedure that the clinic wouldn’t have been able to do without the purchase of their new CT scanner. 

“It’s not something that X-rays would clearly be able to define and the CT’s are going to help us define that,” says Dr. Jesse Shirey.

Shirey has been at the practice for eight years and knew it was a major investment they had to make. “On most of our items we pay the same amount that human hospitals would pay,” adds Shirey.

Shirey says the machine gives them an in-depth 3-D look at internal organs. Shirey says many times it’s hard to diagnose animals because they cant communicate. “We are operating in the dark. There’s no this hurts or that hurts other than what they react to. Often times we are left without a complete set of symptoms. Imaging helps us do that,” adds Shirey. 

The use of the CT scanner will help save pet owners money and mileage. “Some of the clients it’s more than a two-hour drive to get to the nearest facility with similar capabilities.” 

Shirey says it allows them to make sure furry family members are receiving the care they need. “That’s our number one goal, keeping pets healthy. Helping owners maintain their bond from the beginning of the pets life to the end is something for us” 

Shirey says the unit will last decades, bringing an option to town that wasn’t there before. 

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