A new law will allow Pennsylvania’s school buses to have cameras for recording drivers who illegally pass.

Senate Bill 1098 was signed by Gov. Tom Wolf last month. The legislation allows for outside cameras on the stop arm. 

“This is still an option for school districts to do, but we feel that it sends a strong message,” said Mike Berk, executive director of the Pennsylvania School Bus Association.

Rohrer Bus Service in Duncannon provides transportation services to 22 school districts and dispatches nearly 700 buses daily. The company says illegal passing is a frequent problem.

“You don’t always have the opportunity to try and get a license plate number or a description of the driver because you are so focused on the children crossing and their safety,” Ed Allander of Rohrer Bus said.

“It has two cameras. One focuses on the front of the car and gets a nice picture of the driver as they go by, and the other captures the license plate number as it goes by in the opposite direction.”

Money for cameras would come from a grant program funded by a $35 surcharge on top of the $250 fine.

“Any way that we can raise awareness, increase the enforcement, and put more teeth to the enforcement will help keep our kids safe,” Berk said.