Neighbor helps 9/11 firefighter after snow storm

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After a big storm, DuBois resident Greg Rishell says a snow blower always does the trick.

“I’m cleaning up the neighborhood with my snowblower,” Rishell said. I’ll get the whole block done before I’m done here.”

Rishell made sure to clear the sidewalk in front his neighbor Louie Corona’s house.

“I help Lou out so he doesn’t have to shovel,” Rishell said.

“I could never do this with a shovel that’s for sure,” Corona said.

There’s a reason why Corona can’t shovel anymore.

He was a firefighter in New York City on September 11, 2001 and helped clean up the devastating aftermath.

But the former first responder’s health took a hit.

“I was with 9/11 for seven months,” Corona said. “I have a hard time breathing and stuff. I appreciate everything everybody does.”

With a snow blower in hand, Rishell is showing that just a little help moving snow can mean so much to someone who helped our country.

“He’s my neighbor, my buddy, he’s the clean up guy here, he’s the best guy in the neighborhood,” Corona said.

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