HUNTINGDON COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — “Terrible and awful” is how Chestnut Terrace (Mount Union) apartment resident Donna Jenkins describes the tragic deaths of Christine McWhorter and Beatrice Daniels.

“How is someone just going to do that with two kids in the house too, two babies,” said resident Crystal Booher.

For 13 years, the Chestnut Terrace community waited while police continued to evaluate DNA evidence from the 2009 murder.

“For a while there I thought they just gave up on it,” said resident Dane Messner.

On Thursday, May 26, they learned the name of the man arrested, facing charges for the deaths of their neighbors.

“They needed that justice,” said Booher.

Booher said it gives her a sense of relief to know the investigation has finally led to an arrest.

“To me, if you do something like that, you’re going to be found out,” said Jenkins. “It’s just karma. People need to be found out.”