Mother of Osaze Osagie speaks to crowd at march against violence

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Following Wednesday’s press conference on Centre County District Attorney, Bernie Cantorna’s decision not to press charges on the police officer who shot and killed Osaze Osagie, planned protests started around Centre County.  

A protest by the group, #WeAreNot, started just before 2PM.  A man with the group parked a car on West College Avenue in State College, blocking traffic.  Protestors set up traffic cones at the crosswalks on West College Avenue and South Allen Street. 

A man took the traffic cones, threw them onto the sidewalk and started to push a protestor repeatedly.  People watching from the sidewalk shouted, “You’re assaulting him, don’t assault him.”

About a dozen people protested, holding up signs, that said, “Black Lives Matter”, “Justice for Osaze”, “No Justice No Peace”.  Once traffic started to back up, State College police blocked off traffic at Pugh Street, creating a detour.

Protesters say they want justice for the Osagie family and to make sure similar shootings don’t happen again.

Following Wednesday’s press conference planned protests started around Centre County beginning with the group “Hashtag-We-Are-Not” parking a car and blocking traffic on West College Avenue in State College.
Others set up traffic cones at the cross walk on South Allen Street. 
Traffic was stopped on both streets for over an hour.
The protesters say they want the community to come together and bring justice for the Osagie family.
Police arrived after a man pushed one of the protesters.
“I wasn’t here for that instance in particular, or else that gentleman would have been arrested,”
Sgt. Will Slaton, Commander for Heritage Affairs, Pennsylvania State Police in Harrisburg, said.

 “OK, people have a right to protest.  I don’t suggest anyone go and aggravate protesters.”


State police say they were there to keep the peace, and chose not to break up the protest.
“Legally we do have the right to intervene, but considering the circumstances and the emotions, we chose not to intervene,” Sgt. Slaton, said.

There was another protest organized by march against violence at the Allen Street Gate.
Before the march, Iyunolu Osagie, osaze’s mother spoke out against District Attorney Bernie Cantorna’s decision not to charge the officer who shot and killed her son.
“The district attorney’s idea of justice, based I suppose on unjust policies, is unattainable,” Iyunolu Osagie, Osaze’s Mother, said to the crowd at the march.  “It is a fact, a wrongful death occurred.”
She says the family was shocked how the situation unfolded.

“A request from the family for our son to be taken to the hospital is not a request for him to be put in a early grave,” Iyunolu Osagie, said.
According to the Centre Daily Times, the group “Hashtag-We-Are-Not” demand the officer invoved with the shooting be charged and fired.
They want community oversight of the investigation, complete transparency of the event along with funds and resources provided to the osagie family for grief counseling and support.

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