ALTOONA, Pa. (WTAJ) — The Pennsylvania Attorney General’s office reported that more than 30 people were arrested Thursday morning in what they called “Operation Ice Breaker.”

32 individuals were arrested after the use of wiretaps and a year-long grand jury investigation.

Attorney General Josh Shapiro said that they captured more meth than they even expected to be a part of the drug ring. He also stated how sophisticated the system of this drug ring was, stating they may have been operating for numerous years.

The supposed ring leaders, Adrian Speedwell, Nichole Merkerson-Beale, and Ricardo Cade, were said to be from Philadelphia. Speedwell was stopped in October 2019 in the Harrisburg area where they found 4lbs of meth, officials presume he was on his way into Blair County at that time as well.

“Blair County and much of rural Pennsylvania is suffering under the drug crisis being fueled by organizations like those taken down today.”

Attorney General Josh Shapiro.

Those arrested includes:
Adrian Speedwell, of Philadelphia
Nichole Merkerson-Beale, of Philadelphia
Ricardo Cade, of Philadelphia
Terry Bookwalter of Mapleton Depot,
Mark Watson of Huntingdon,
Tituscott Potts of Hollidaysburg
Jennifer Strayer of East Freedom;
Carlos Custalow Jr., of Altoona
Khalil Graham, of Altoona
Elroy Wise, of Altoona
Shawn Jackson, of Altoona
Kimberly Riggleman, of Altoona
Darwin Herring Sr., of Altoona
Troy Hicks, of Altoona
William Snyder II, of Altoona
Aleeta Queen-Dively, of Altoona
Barbara Bordell, of Altoona
Gerell Shepard, of Altoona
Jenna Raia, of Altoona
Kenneth Roberson, of Altoona
Justin Spanik, of Altoona
Rashelle Summers, of Altoona
Tyler Hetrick, of Altoona
Michael Fletcher, of Altoona
Gregory Betar II, of Altoona
Tiffany Mills, of Altoona
Michael Lowe, of Altoona
Effiann Potts, of Altoona
Scott Redfield, of Altoona
Robert Stanley, of Altoona
Darien Banks, of Altoona
Rashawn Atkinson, of Altoona.  

Watch AG Shapiro’s full press conference below.