JEFFERSON COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — A Reynoldsville man is facing charges after police said they arrived at the scene of a fight and found him with a gun and more than 100 oxycodone pills in his Jeep.

Lawrence Township Police were called to a fight on Baxter Street on May 18 where a witness said: “he has a gun” and pointed toward 27-year-old Mark Marshall Jr. who was in his Jeep. He tried to leave the area, but police blocked him from driving away with their cruiser.

Police saw Marshall reaching under the driver’s seat and ordered him out of the Jeep. After detaining him and searching his Jeep, police found multiple bottles and a baggie with a total of 104 oxycodone pills in them. A gun was found under the driver’s seat.

During an interview, Marshall told police his brother put a sign in his yard about his house burning down. Marshall then drove his Jeep over to his brother’s house and laid on the horn. His brother came out of the house in his underwear with a hammer and went after Marshall until Marshall said he’d shoot him and then cocked his pistol. The brother said he was going to get his gun and headed towards his house as police were arriving.

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Marshall is now facing gun, assault and drug charges. He is currently out on bail.