Momtrepreneurs: Sarah Pratt and Zen Beauty Spa and Wellness

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Sarah Pratt explains how she balances being a single mom, school, and full time job, and her own business.

ALTOONA, Pa. (WTAJ) — When you want a little “me” time and place to treat yourself, Sarah Pratt says she has just the space for you.

“My business is technically an esthetician salon, I offer skin care services facial services, I also offer full body and facial waxing,” says Sarah. “Working on the whole person body mind and spirit.” 

While she can help you relax at Zen Beauty Spa and Wellness, her life is anything but relaxing. 

“I work a full-time job, I am also a student, I’m going to graduate from Penn State in August, and being a single parent and running a business in my home, it does sound like a lot,” says Sarah.

Her six-year-old daughter Molly, keeps her busy. 

“She’s very interested in this space,” she says. “This space it a little bit taboo for her because when I’m in here I’m one on one with a client…and we’re working on that,” laughs Sarah. “Not everybody’s mom wax’s for a living, not every body’s mom gives facial’s in her home or something like that and so I think that it’s very intriguing for her.

Having her own business, especially in her home was never really in Sarah’s future plans.

“This just sort of took shape whenever I bought the house. There was a space available in here for me to use and I thought it would just be a perfect way to do my version of aesthetics, the way I want it to go,” explains Sarah.

It’s taken about two years to get where she is today. “We’ve had to take it just step by step these little pieces and that can be a real big challenge and a little bit frustrating at times,” she says.  

And because it is stressful Sarah says if you do decide to open your own business, you have to make it your own. 

“You have to do it your way or you’re not going to love it you’re going to feel awkward all the time,” says Sarah.

But being a Momtrepreneur, for her, is worth it and she suggests others give it a try too. 

“We need more of this,” says Sarah. “We need more female business leaders, we need more local businesses, we need more creativity and inspiration in our local culture so if there’s something that makes you happy and you’re thinking about making it a business, do it.”

Contact Zen Beauty Spa and Wellness for more information, or visit the Facebook Page

You can listen to Amanda Kenney’s entire interview with Sarah, along with other momtrepreneurs on the WTAJ Originals podcast. 

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